The company VAG came into existence in 1872 when its first factory was opened and started producing pumps and industrial fittings. In subsequent years the company has acquired an international reputation.

In the 1920s VAG became the market leader in South America.

At the present time, the VAG Group, with production facilities in Germany, the Czech Republic and China, has a widely developed network of warehouses and service centers servicing most of the entire globe.

VAG-Armaturen GmbH is located in Mannheim, Germany. It has more than 1,200 employees worldwide.

VAG-Armaturen, one of the leading manufacturers in the world of valves for water supply and water waste systems, produces a wide range of valves for using in networks of drinking water, sewage and water treatment systems. This includes gate valves and butterfly valves, air valves, control valves (diaphragm and plunger valves), hydrants, tapping bridges and innovative solutions such as the BAIOplus system.

VAG manufactures its products to the highest quality standards. The manufacturing processes are certified, the product quality is well renowned and the valves prove their excellence in world-wide applications every day.

Viking Johnson is the leading brand of Crane Building Services and Utilities.

The company first entered the market in 1930 as a manufacturer of couplings for pipes in shipbuilding, by making extremely reliable connections, resistant to salt water and various chemical environments.

Viking Johnson's sphere now includes water supply, waste water treatment, and the gas industry. They manufacture products intended for use in specialized systems where it becomes necessary to use a mechanical connection from 15 mm to 5000 mm outer diameter pipes.

Viking Johnson is a global leader in the manufacturing of high quality pipe couplings, flange adapters, and in the developing of solutions to repair pipes.

Located in Hitchin, United Kingdom, Viking Johnson produces a wide range of products numbering well over 7000. They can also manufacture custom connections and fittings.

They operate and maintain a quality management system accredited to ISO 9001, together with the environmental policies of the certification according to ISO 14001.

In 2010 Viking Johnson won the prestigious award «Best Innovative Product» of the British Society workers water and wastewater treatment (SBWWI).

Swiss Pump Company AG is an innovative Swiss company producing a wide range of high quality water pumps around the world to be used in many aspects of everyday life.

They operate in more than 50 countries around the world with a large network of dealers and distributors.

SPCO focusing on product innovations in the sphere of development of pumps. The company's flexibility allows time to adapt to rapidly changing markets. The mission of the company is to sell various high quality pumps at competitive prices. Customer satisfaction is a priority for Swiss Pump Company.

SPCO company has a world-wide network of competent partners to ensure maximum technical support regardless of the time and place.

The main office of Swiss company, Swiss Pump Company AG, is located in Thun, Switzerland.

The company HYDROVIDEO offers advanced technology in video inspections of pipelines.

HYDROVIDEO has twenty years experience in the design of exploration equipment, and is engaged in the development and installation of equipment for television inspection of pipelines.

 The HYDROVIDEO range is comprehensive and varies from the simplest portable systems to the most high-performance equipment integrated in a van.

 Their experience allows HYDROVIDEO to develop reliable equipment that is suitable for use in harsh operating conditions of sewer networks.

 HYDROVIDEO takes a great care of maximizing customer satisfaction. This is reflected in the current system of quality management in the company, certified by ISO 9001.

The HYDROVIDEO office located in Durtal, France.