SibAqua 2012 - International exhibition of advanced products and technologies in water and wastewater treatment industry, Novosibirsk, Russia 20-23 November 2012

Exhibition Categories:

Hydraulic structures
Engineering services
Development, production, installation of water treatment systems for various industries: food, chemical, thermal energy and utilities
Technology and methods of cleaning and disinfection of water
Reagents used for the purification of natural waters
Production of coagulants
Filters, membrane technology
Rapid methods for water quality control, test equipment
Post-treatment water plants of the individual and collective
Methods and installations for treatment and pollution control of sewage
Chemicals used for wastewater treatment
Improving the use of water wastelessness
Economic mechanism of water
Energy-saving technologies in the water supply and sanitation sector
Prevention and mitigation of pollution
Preparation of process water for various industries
Production of municipal treatment plants, industrial and heavy oil-contaminated water

City of: Novosibirsk, Russia
Dates: 20-23 November 2012

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