Company History:

The WaSCo Ltd was established in 2007. Our primary activity is equipment distribution for water supply and sanitation utilities in St-Petersburg. In over five years of working experience in the marketplace WaSCo has established itself as a reliable partner and supplier.

We successfully distribute armatures and fittings for water-supply and waste-water systems. The company is not only working as a sales representative, but also as an engineering company. WaSCo Ltd. is a customer focused company. Our staff will provide professional advice and technical support at all stages of project — from design and equipment selection to the technical requirements of construction supervision and post-warranty service. (product support, maintenance and repair programs).
The company's specialists conduct informational and educational training and workshops of new types of equipment, its installation and maintenance.
The company has its own warehouse, allowing us to store the three-month supply of equipment.
In early 2012 the company's management made a decision to add to the WaSCo line of products by establishing direct cooperation with foreign manufacturers.

As part of this new direction, the company has acquired:
  • New challenges — partnering with new and innovative manufacturers of water-supply and waste-water systems throughout Europe and introduce them to the markets of St-Petersburg and North-West region of Russia.
  • New corporate culture — developing a proactive management and employee team
  • A new Web site —
  • And notably a new name — «WaSCo» — Water System Company

Our goals:
  • Focus upon customers by bringing knowledge and innovations to the market
  • Guaranteed success, both in the analysis of the situation and with solutions offered to engineers, installers, developers and owners.
  • We offer our support and solutions to ensure a high level of design, development, and management

Cooperation with us is:

1. for manufacturer:
— stable income
— maximum result with minimum investment for promotion in new markets
— effective sales development in the Russian market
— highly skilled technicians in the product promotion field
— regular feedback

2. for client
— effective long-term investments in high-quality products
— highly skilled technicians with extensive experience in the field of water-supply and waste-water systems
— efficient logistics and a large warehouse