Special equipment

The company HYDROVIDEO offers advanced technology in video inspections of pipelines.

HYDROVIDEO has twenty years experience in the design of exploration equipment, and is engaged in the development and installation of equipment for television inspection of pipelines.

The HYDROVIDEO range is comprehensive and varies from the simplest portable systems to the most high-performance equipment integrated in a van.

Their experience allows HYDROVIDEO to develop reliable equipment that is suitable for use in harsh operating conditions of sewer networks.

The HYDROVIDEO takes a great care of maximizing customer satisfaction. This is reflected in the current system of quality management in the company, certified by ISO 9001.

The HYDROVIDEO office located in Durtal, France.

Quick view: HYDROZOOM V2

HYDROZOOM equipment is intended to carry out a quick visual inspection of pipe work from a manhole.

It consists of a console with screen connected by a cable to a camera module.

The camera integrates a zoom feature and power LED lighting enabling the general condition of the networks to be quickly assessed.

A wide range of the HYDROVIDEO products allows you to choose a desirable set of equipment to help a client to reach a satisfactory solution for any job, whether he orders a portable version or transportable equipment placed as «equipped van» version.

The HYDROVIDEO line of products enables the video inspection of pipes from 30 to 1200 mm in diameter.

The range of distance from the video surveillance camera operator is up to 400 meters, depending on the choice of equipment.

The HYDROVIDEO line of products feature excellent image quality in all conditions.